When you serve fries, you can’t just use any old potato. So, we use Kennebecs, grown in Delta, BC. The best french-frying potato out there. Fresh, double-fried, perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Nat's Own Coffee

At Triple O’s, we believe our coffee should be more than just coffee – it should represent our philosophy as well: local, high quality and always good value. It’s why we’ve named our coffee after our founder, Nat Bailey, a man whose values have always been about doing what’s right. Available at select locations.

Artisan-Style Buns

Our artisan-style buns are made with wholesome local ingredients.


The five pillars of our food philosophy focus on being leaders in: Food Safety, Animal Welfare, Environment and Sustainability, Community and Social Responsibility, Health & Nutrition.

1. Food Safety

All Triple O’s (and White Spot) menu items are handled to the highest food safety standards across the supply chain. We achieve this by ensuring our food is handled by staff trained on health and safety standards, we rely on third party accreditation to ensure food safety and tractability, and we work closely with suppliers to proactively and expediently address any food safety concerns.

2. Animal Welfare

As a BC legend with a passion for using fresh, quality, local ingredients, we have expectations of well-defined, and substantiated by research, animal care standards to be followed by our supply chain partners. These standards, based on the Canadian National Farm Animal Care Council’s Codes of Practice for the Care of Farm Animals, are communicated regularly to our partners. These internationally renowned Codes of Practice for farmed animals are implemented through our industry partners’ animal care programs, whether beef, chicken, or pork, and are in place across Canada and increasingly subject to third party audits. We rely on support from our partners, including industry partners, farmers, and animal care researchers and experts to stay apprised of best practices and be up to date on animal care standards. We are also proud to be active members of the National Farm Animal Care Council and deeply committed to advancing the conversation on farmed animal care standards. Our purchasing policies will continue to evolve as we learn more about improving animal care standards.

3. Environment & Sustainability

At Triple O’s and White Spot sustainability is about how we operate relative to the environment and the food we source and serve, the materials and equipment we use, and our support in the communities in which our restaurants are located. We take our role as a leader in environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices seriously by always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. That’s why we purchase as much product as we can locally, support programs such as OceanWise, design our restaurants using LEED principles, follow a best in class waste diversion protocol, and implement energy conserving practices and technologies on an on-going basis.

4. Community & Social Responsibility

At Triple O’s and White Spot we are deeply committed to people, whether our staff, our guests, our farmers and suppliers, our neighbours, and our communities. Our charitable support focuses on children’s initiatives such as KidSport and Toy Mountain. We also support local farmers and suppliers through our purchasing of ingredients. We have a role to play in the success of their livelihoods and we value our many long standing partnerships.

5. Health & Nutrition

At Triple O’s and White Spot, we are proud to offer a great tasting menu with fresh, healthy food choices. We achieve this by evolving our menu to meet the tastes and dietary needs of our guests.