On-The-Go FAQs

How much does a booking cost?

The current minimum booking price varies from $850 to $1200 plus tax.

  • By month: October to March – minimum $850, April to September – minimum $1000
  • By day: Monday to Thursday – minimum $1000, Friday to Sunday – minimum $1000
  • Friday - Sunday bookings during peak season – minimum $1200

Please include event timing and details in the “Book an Event” form. The charges apply for the food served with no additional booking fees or charges (if the minimum is met). However, some destinations require more travel than others and travel surcharges may apply.

How long do you stay at events for?

You can count on us to generally stay for 2-4 hours for catering service, but the time is also event-dependent and flexible.

Do you do fundraising?

We love being involved in the community and have worked with many charitable organizations to assist in their fundraising efforts. Specifics vary between events so please let us know your goals and we’ll do our best to support your event.

How far in advance do you need to book?

Typically we require a minimum of two weeks to prepare for your event if the date you are looking for is available, however depending on the specifics we may be able to book on shorter notice. Give us a call! Our busy summer months fill up quickly I.e. (six months to a year in advance), so get in touch soon!

What's your menu?

Please click here to view a pdf of the menu and pricing we offer.

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